About Channeling Hubbert and the Hubbert Tribute

This an ongoing conversation on the Hubbert Tribute’s efforts to uncover more contextual information about M King Hubbert’s work and to better understand how U.S. energy policy was architected over the past half century as well as to help guide policymakers toward a sustainable energy policy.

Channeling Hubbert is written by all-volunteer staff at the Hubbert Tribute Including David Room (see below) and Jason Brenno (stay tuned). This is a “labor of love” at the moment, though we are interested in fiscal sponsorship and various types of support. If you would like to help the Hubbert Tribute make the transition from an all-volunteer effort to an influential think tank on energy policy, please contact Dave Room at daveroom (at) gmail.com. We also need the help in the following areas: research, writing, blogging, transcribing, audio editing, and delivering briefings.

About Dave Room

Dave Room is the founder of the Hubbert Tribute (mkinghubbert.com) which is educating presidential campaigns about peak oil and the need for oil transparency as well as deciphering American energy policy over the past 6 decades so that the mistakes of yesteryear are not multiplied into the future. Dave Room founded the consultancy, Energy Preparedness, as a response to the lack of planning in the municipal and commercial realm to our energy predicament.

Dave initiated and co-founded Bay Localize (baylocalize.org), a cooperative public benefit organization focused on policy advocacy and organizing to build the capacity for generating power, growing food, and capturing water in the Bay Area. His current contracts are with Bay Localize as Web and Program Consultant and steering committte member and with the Local Clean Energy Alliance (localcleanenergy.org) as the coordinator. In 2007, he served on the Oil Independent Oakland by 2020 task force along with Richard Heinberg and Richard Register.

Previously, he played a key role in many aspects of Post Carbon Institute’s emergence. He also did dozens of long format interviews with relocalization, sustainability, and oil experts for Global Public Media. Dave has also worked on several small internet companies in various capacities, as well as at a boutique management consulting firm focused on optimization, environmental risk management, and decision analysis.

Dave has a M.S. in Engineering-Economic Systems and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, both from Stanford University.

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